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10 musicians and others that are involved in the overall process of Musicking chose a programme for

Mike Diprose, trumpeter and artitic leader

Paul Kobald, keyboard instruments maker, calcant, transporter, tuner and much more

Arwen Bouw, 10 years violinist in De Swaen and manuscript-hunter and more

Els Hermanides, 10 years flute player in De Swaen

David van Ooijen, lute player and faithful writer for De Swaen’ Newsletter for Friends and Donors

Eduard van Hengel, writer of the programme notes

Piet Dhont, oboe players and walking encyclopedia

Margreet van der Heyden, 10 years viola player in De Swaen, general organisation, publicity and more

Lucas van Helsdingen, 10 years oboe player in De Swaen, library, tax-administration and more

Rob Vermeulen, conductor and artistic adviser with whom De Swaen worked even before De Swaen was De Swaen