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Dear Audience,

many of you have heard the news already; for those who haven’t:
this season was De Swaen’s last season.

We have celebrated this lustrum year and ended it with a festive performance of Bach’s b-minor Mass.
After that, our aims were fulfilled.

Fulfilled, because the ensemble has performed over 100 different programmes, in 10 years of monthly concerts and it’s time for change. There will be many beautiful and good things to remember. By stopping, we create time and space for every one of us to do other beautiful and good things.
We have organised the series under incredible financial pressure. After 10 years, we think it is time to stop working under such pressure.

You won’t be surprised to hear that we still need your support.
We have received an incredible amount of private donations. That is how we managed for 10 years.
A very big THANK YOU to all the generous donors and friends!

But we haven’t reached the end yet! To be able to close the books, we need even more support, that you can give us by ordering the De Swaen Jubilee book, met memories of 10 YEAR De Swaen and De Swaen-COUPONS, that will give you 10% discount on all products in the De Swaen Webshop. And those who can afford it could donate to
rekeningnummer 9393255
t.n.v. Stichting Barokensemble De Swaen, Amsterdam

You can also pay with Paypal. Acceptatieteken

Many thanks in advance!

De Swaen