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contemporary composers that will write or have written for De Swaen:

Des McNutty | Silvan Loher | Balthasar Streiff | Hoite Pruiksma | Fabian Müller

Lecosaldi | Daniel Glatzel |


Des McNutty

Des McNutty wrote Fanafare to open the season and Swaen Suite for the first concert of season 2009/2010.
Swaen Suite got most votes in "instrumental" category of the audience poll.
Instead of reperfoming that Suite, Des wrote a Birthday Suite, for the 100th concert in our series:

Das ist Wohlgetango (Birthday Suite)
Concerto for Charivari Trio and barokensemble De Swaen

Some reactions:

"....Des’ composition was full of sincerity, joy and was very spiritual...."
....that bloke wrote a lovely piece for you, nice with all the mixed styles....
....good, that little piece to open the season....
...Lovely cantata of Graupner, beautiful music...
even more spectacular...the Swaen Suite and the Fanfare...

On youtube we have found something he wrote a couple of years ago.